The common factor of all ski ropeways with low rope guide is the free guiding of the rope above the ground without intermediate supports. The prerequisite for this is a smooth and hollow slope without faults.

Doporučený tvar svahu pro vleky LPVE

The ropeways are designed so that they can be assembled as well as disassembled quickly on the slope. The anchoring of the drive as well as the reverse station is very easy, enabling a friendly incorporation into the landscape.

The transport capacities of the individual designs of the ropeways are dependent on the length of the ropeway, slope gradient and weight of the skiers. All attached charts are elaborated for the weight of a skier of 80 kg and standard speed for better transparency. In the case of lower weights (children) the transport capacity is proportionally higher.

The ski ropeways are manufactured in the following designs::

LPVE 1.5 – 100, LPVE 3 – 120B, LPVE 4-200