About the company

The company B+J MIKESKA, Ing. Jan MIKESKA, Příčnice 1132, 744 01 Frenštát pod Radhoštěm, was founded in 1995. The company chose the manufacturing of transportable ski ropeways with low rope guide as the subject of its activity.

After assembling a test ski ropeway LPVE 1.5-100 in the 1995/96 winter season the company offered these ski ropeways to the sporting public the following season. As a result of considerable customer interest the company introduced the manufacturing of ski ropeways type LPVE 3-120A in 1997 and LPVE 4-200 in 1998. Since 1999 we have manufactured a new type of ski ropeway LPVE 3-120 with the designation LPVE 3-120B which is a bridge between these types. All types of ski ropeways are certified for sale in the EU according to the Directive of the European Parliament and Council 2016/424.

Aside from the above ski ropeways the company also carries out job-order locksmith manufacturing and twisting polypropylene ropes up to a diameter of 20 mm.

The company presents its products at prestigious sporting exhibitions, such as Intermountain in Śpindlerův Mlýn, Interlavex in Slovakia, Interalpin Innsbruck and Alpitec Bolzano.